NTLM Case Corrector

The NTLM hash can usually be obtained with the LM hash's password.

Notice: Good news! This tool will be getting upgrades very soon. It will include a public API with in-page loading (so the whole page doesn't need to reload) and it will be able to deal with lowercase, uppercase and titlecase variatons of letters for most if not all of the Unicode ranges. — 2021/11/09

Input NTLM Hash: (required)
Input Password: (required)


If you don't already know what this tool does, then you probably won't have a use for it. This is more of a special-purpose tool for one thing. If you are the system administrator of a Windows machine, you may have heard of the NTLM protocol, or dealt with the security of user accounts. Those of you with other particular intentions may know about LM and NTLM hashes which is what this tool is aimed for.

After obtaining the original input data to an LM hash, the data is not quite complete as it is usually case-insensitive. The NTLM hash allows us to try every uppercase and lowercase combination of that input to find the correct case that matches with the hash.

This tool has nothing (or not much) to do with cracking LM or NTLM hashes, but will make use of the data you have obtained yourself.

At the moment, everything works for regular A to Z case mapping as well as some of the extended Latin alphabet. I will add other alphabets in due time.

Any problems with this tool? Please contact me.

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